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Wed Nov 27 11:23:32 EST 2002

On Wednesday, November 27, 2002, at 01:33 AM, Lazlo wrote:
> If you are still on the list Arun, would you bee so kind to give me the 
> options ?
> Lazlo Ricardi

Sure. First, you must have a few things installed already. I have OSX 
10.1.5 installed with gcc3 (got it from Apple's Online Dev Tools). I 
also have g77 installed through fink. For some reason, I haven't 
installed ATLAS (which contains BLAS and LAPACK). If you get fink, you 
might as well install ATLAS along with g77. I have X-Windows installed 
through a package from the XonX site. So, here's what's required:

- gcc
- g77
- X-Windows
- [Optional] BLAS

Here are some relevant links:


After downloading  the tarred and gzipped source X-Foil from:


uncompress the files [sorry for being pedantic; I'm not too sure if 
you're familiar with the download/compiling process] with:

     tar zxfv xfoil694.tar.gz


     gnutar zxfv xfoil694.tar.gz

As the README suggests, "cd" to the plotlib directory. Open the 
"config.make" file in a text-editor. There are a bunch of compile 
options for Linux. Depending on what you installed you may have to 
change some of the options. For example, I have "g77", "gcc3" and XonX 
X-Windows in my system, so I have the following options:

     FC = g77
     CC = gcc3
     CFLAGS  = -O2 -I/usr/X11R6/include/ $(DEFINE)

Make and save those changes in the "config.make" file, and type "make". 
This should compile the library plotlib.a. Now, "cd" to the "bin" 
directory. If you don't have BLAS installed, like me, you'll need to 
make a one-line change in the "Makefile":

     PLTLIBS = -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11

Type "make", and "xfoil" should start compiling. That's it! Open an 
X-Windows terminal, and type ./xfoil, and you should get a terminal 
command list for XFoil. When you plot something a new X-Window will 
pop-up showing the graph.

It would be nice to have a native version of XFoil without resorting to 
X-Windows. AquaTerm already works with Fortran interfaces, so maybe some 
interface work can be done to link the two ...

- Arun

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