[OS X TeX] how best to draw diagrams

Daniel Becker dtbecker at web.de
Mon Nov 4 10:19:43 EST 2002

Thank you very much for the hint, what I can see from the manuals so 
far, xy-pic is perfect for my purpose.

Am I right that xy-pic is not distributed as an i-package? If yes, is 
there any safe way to install xy-pic without the risk of damaging my 
(nicely working) texshop&i-installer-TeX installation? Which parts of 
the xy-3.7 folder I just downloaded almost entirely are essential? Sorry 
for this maybe stupid question, but I am a user without any 
UNIX-knowledge and OSX makes me a little bit worried that my computer is 
doing things I have no idea what they are...


Am Montag den, 4. November 2002, um 14:20, schrieb Ross Moore:
> Xy-pic is probably better for this kind of thing.
> It is much more flexible in how to specify the kind
> of relationships inherent in the layout of those diagrams.
> Hope this helps,
> 	Ross

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