[OS X TeX] how best to draw diagrams

Luis Sequeira lsequeir at fc.ul.pt
Mon Nov 4 10:41:51 EST 2002

>Thank you very much for the hint, what I can see from the manuals so 
>far, xy-pic is perfect for my purpose.
>Am I right that xy-pic is not distributed as an i-package? If yes, 
>is there any safe way to install xy-pic without the risk of damaging 
>my (nicely working) texshop&i-installer-TeX installation? Which 
>parts of the xy-3.7 folder I just downloaded almost entirely are 
>essential? Sorry for this maybe stupid question, but I am a user 
>without any UNIX-knowledge and OSX makes me a little bit worried 
>that my computer is doing things I have no idea what they are...

I don't think you can ruin anything if you install any extra files in 
your local tree (rather than the global teTeX tree).
I have some packages that I copied over from other machines and 
simply created a
hierarchy inside my Library folder.

The unix path is something like ~/Library/texmf/tex/...

(using the Finder, open your home folder, then the Library folder inside it.
Successive create a folder, name it "texmf" then open it and inside 
create another new folder and call it "tex". Then place anything you 
need inside that (subfolders are ok, and even recommended to keep 
things organized).


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