[OS X TeX] Wish list for BBEdit

Holger Frauenrath mail at frauenrath.com
Tue Nov 19 11:23:45 EST 2002

On Tuesday, November 19, 2002, at 09:36 AM, Herb Schulz wrote:

> On 11/19/02 7:24 AM, "Holger Frauenrath" <mail at frauenrath.com> wrote:
>> - Better syntax coloring. First of all, I think, a unique place for
>> setting syntax coloring (right now, it is under the preferences and
>> under the TeX mode menu). I think this would be good for all other
>> modes, too, for that matter. As for the coloring itself: coloring of
>> strings in inline math modes (between $ and others). I guess that some
>> people would also like to have other mathematical environments in
>> general completely colored, I think. Coloring of brackets. Different
>> coloring of all sectioning commands.
> Howdy,
> There is a TeX Tool that came with BBEdit 6.5 and later that will turn 
> on
> syntax coloring for in-line math. Certainly not everything and not very
> sophisticated.

I think this only works for $$ though ... but I may be wrong. I cannot 
check it right now.

Thanks for the pointer to the LaTex glossary.


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