[OS X TeX] TeXShop bug or typesetting quirk?

J.Huelsmann J.Huelsmann at tu-bs.de
Tue Nov 19 03:09:41 EST 2002

>I jut installed TeXShop V1.24 with the latest version of teTeX for MacOS
>X 10.2.2. The phase "(eg., by rotating the field)" in the paragraph
>below results in the 2nd page  being rotated.  If I correct the spelling
>"e.g." or use "example", the 2nd page is not rotated.  However, the
>rotation does not happen if I process the ".tex" file from the command
>line. Is this a typesetting quirk or a TeXShop bug?
>%paragraph with error
>In H-band, the NICMOS coronagraph reduces the
>background scattered and diffracted energy from coronagraphically
>occulted targets by a factors of $\sim$~10 at the edge of the
>0.3\arcsec\ radius occulted region, $\sim$~4 at 0.5--1.5\arcsec\ and
>$\sim$~2 beyond 2\arcsec. After coronagraphic PSF subtraction (eg., by
>rotating the field) the background light is further reduced by a factors
>of $\sim$~30--50 at $<$~1\arcsec and $>$ two orders of magnitude beyond.
>%end of paragraph with error
>-- irene

I don´t know what package I need to use '\arcsec\' but without it 
your snippet typesets fine here with the {scrartcl}-class.


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