[OS X TeX] TeXShop bug or typesetting quirk?

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Tue Nov 19 03:35:40 EST 2002

Le lundi, 18 nov 2002, à 23:49 Europe/Paris, Irene Barg a écrit :

> I jut installed TeXShop V1.24 with the latest version of teTeX for 
> MacOS
> X 10.2.2. The phase "(eg., by rotating the field)" in the paragraph
> below results in the 2nd page  being rotated.  If I correct the 
> spelling
> "e.g." or use "example", the 2nd page is not rotated.  However, the
> rotation does not happen if I process the ".tex" file from the command
> line. Is this a typesetting quirk or a TeXShop bug?

I imagine the difference between TeXShop and the command line arises 
because TeXShop uses by default pdfTeX as its typesetting engine (see 
whether it is checked in the Typeset menu), and in the command line you 
may have used latex. If you use pdflatex in the command line, does the 
difference persist?

It's impossible to be more specific without knowing the packages you 
use. What is \arcsec? Is it defined using \ensuremath? If not, does 
your output change if you write $\arcsec$ instead?

Bruno Voisin

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