[OS X TeX] BBEdit 7.0

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Thu Nov 14 08:55:57 EST 2002

Le jeudi, 14 nov 2002, à 14:40 Europe/Paris, Michael Murray a écrit :

> Yep OzTeX <-> Alpha used to be like that as well.  Command-T in Alpha
> and the file got texed in OzTeX, Command-E in OzTeX and the file
> was edited in Alpha.  Of course that was in Mac OS 9 days! I assume
> when AlphaX appears it will work like this with OzTeX. Maybe AlphaTk
> will already.

Yes I even remember with earlier versions of Alpha (the ones in which 
line numbers etc. appeared in small boxes in the window title bar) 
having Cmd-- switch to OzTeX, then Cmd-T do the TeXing in OzTeX.

By the way the Alpha X home page has been actualized to mention a 
public beta hopefully by the end of this year:


(which doesn't mean I'm not interested in BBEdit, they're complementary 
for me, actually I've just ordered the 7.0 upgrade).

And they're still the announcement of OS X Textures hopefully also for 
the end of the year, I can hardly wait!

Bruno Voisin

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