[OS X TeX] Making an Image Stay In Place

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Thu Nov 21 11:12:26 EST 2002

Bob asked:
>Is there someway to wrap text around a graphic in LaTeX? ConTeXt does 
>that, but ConTeXt is more than I can handle on the daily basis right 

It varies. For really complex documents where I want interaction between
figures and text, I set ``x x x...'' to fill text boxes set to
run-around the graphics in Altsys Virtuoso 2 (essentially FreeHand v4
for NeXTstep), then I dump to a PostScript file, convert that to a
line-by-line .rtf, convert that to line-by-line ASCII, then count the
``x''s to get the measurements for a series of \parshape commands.

If memory serves, Donald Arseneau has published more general macro
solutions to comp.text.tex...


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