[OS X TeX] PS fonts in Plain TeX on teTeX/TeXShop

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Fri Nov 22 14:07:25 EST 2002

Paul asked:
>Does anyone out there prefer Plain TeX to LaTeX?

I go back and forth on that---most of my personal work has been done in
Plain though.

>I would like to use PostScript fonts such as Utopia,
>but I don't know how. I imagine it's more difficult
>to do than LaTeX's \usepackage{utopia}, but I'm
>hoping not _too_ much more difficult.

Basically it's the same as for LaTeX, one just doesn't get the NFSS, so one:

 - get Karl Berry's FontName scheme from CTAN
 - name one's font files appropriately
 - get FontInst
 - run a three-line .tex file in the directory where one's .afm files are
 - (optional step, tweak the .pl and .vpl files to add ligatures, adjust
things like hyphen placement, extra kerns &c.)
 - run tftopl and vftovp on the resultant .pl and .vpl files
 - move the files to the right places
 - access the font normally

For Utopia most of that probably won't be necessary, just look up its
name in FontName and access it with that, it was donated to the X
Consortium and is usually available.


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