[OS X TeX] i-Installer v2 RC4 release.

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Fri Nov 22 19:41:29 EST 2002

I have added some functionality, hence RC4 and not RC3f. There is now 
some support for package dependency, that is to say, when the package 
author can test availability of stuff in the scripts and RC4 offers the 
option to interactively open a package form the script. The ImageMagick 
package has been changed that way, if Freetype is not available, it 
will warn the user and (when using i-Installer RC4) ask for opening of 
the freetype package. Pretty basic.  One can test this by removing the 
freetype package before installing the ImageMagick package. Other 
packages must still be adapted to take advantage of this.

Help is more or less complete including instructions on how to 
write/create i-Packages.

Note, the Freetype i-Package has been updated.

http://www.rna.nl/ii.html for a pointer to II2.dmg

As far as I am concerned, i-Installer v2 is now done (cross my fingers 
that I did not introduce a bug when changing the interaction code just 
now). The only thing planned before the release of version 2.0 is the 
change of the version string form "v2.0 RC4" to "v2.0". No code, 
behaviour or other changes are planned.


PS. TeX-fat.dmg will be updated roughly 1 hour from now.

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