[OS X TeX] BBEdit , tetex, 10.2.2. : BBEdit ate my source .tex file !!

Hemant Bhargava hkb at mac.com
Thu Nov 14 07:49:48 EST 2002

Hi - 

I have a weird problem to report with BBEdit 6.5.3 -- I'm using it on a Mac G3 running OS X 10.2.2. 

I opened a file abcd-job-recommendation-2002.tex  and called tetex ... which started running, then issued an error message **and then printed the error report into the .tex file that I was editing**. And somehow this got automatically saved into BBEdit, so that I lost my original text. Fortunately I had a backup. 

The weird thing is that the file runs perfectly when 

a) I copy the text into a file with a shorter name abcd.tex and then call tetex from within BBEdit, or
b) I compile the file through some other editor / front-end (I used TeXShop). 

It does not seem to be purely a BBEdit problem (though the fact that it automatically saved the corrupted version is), and I don't know whether this happened before I moved to 10.2.2. It can't of course be tetex because tetex runs perfectly otherwise. So where's the problem? Is it 10.2.2 ?  I also recall something like this with OzTeX -- I remember running it on a long file name and that it destroyed my source file with an error message (I was using Alpha then). I will write to barebones though. 

I could never understand this thing about long file names anyway -- I have only OS X on my machine. But several applications insist on truncating certain filenames. Why? 


- Hemant Bhargava

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