[OS X TeX] Adding .pict image support to pdflatex

Scott Prahl prahl at ece.ogi.edu
Mon Nov 4 00:53:21 EST 2002


I am slowly throwing off the shackles of Textures.  I have
many legacy LaTeX files that have figures in Apple's PICT
file format, which is supported by Textures via
\includegraphics{file.pict}.  I would like to typeset these
files in TeXShop (i.e. pdflatex), but, of course .pict files
are not supported.

I looked around for a utility to do the pict2pdf conversion,
but found nothing.  Most converters just converted the
.pict file to bitmap and then put a pdf wrapper around the
bitmap.  This was both big and ugly.

I finally found the pieces of code (in an Apple code example)
to create a real pict2pdf vector-to-vector converter.
My efforts are available at


Now "pict2pdf test.pict" will produce "test.pdf".

So just to make sure that my converter works, I manually
converted test.pict to test.pdf.  When I typeset


everything worked fine.  However when I try

\DeclareGraphicsRule{.pict}{pdf}{.pdf}{`pict2pdf #1}

when the .pdf file is already present, pdflatex leaves space
for the graphic, but does not include it.

when the .pdf file is not present causes pdflatex to fail with
	Error: pdftex (file test.pdf): cannot find image file

Anyone have any ideas?

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