[OS X TeX] An error came up

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpalacios at mac.com
Thu Nov 28 20:04:36 EST 2002

	Hello Herb, thanks for the reply. The space in "cent er" had been 
caught by my eye but the "# 1" completely eluded me. Anyhow after much 
reading of the source file and, after reading your fix, compiling the 
document I realized with a bit of dismay that all that would be produced 
was just a title page!! Shame,... the pdf from Thomas was really 
attractive as a LaTeX tutorial. Maybe if He is willing... :-)!!



On Thursday, November 28, 2002, at 08:38  PM, Herb Schulz wrote:

>>> \usepackage{boxedminipage}
>>> \newsavebox{\fmbox}
>>> \newenvironment{fmpage}[1]
>>> {\begin{center}\begin{lrbox}{\fmbox}\begin{minipage}[c][1.2\height]
>>> [c]{# 1}}  <--------
>>> {\end{minipage}\end{lrbox}\framebox[1.2\width]{\usebox{\fmbox}}\end
>>> {cent er}} <--------
>>> ...
> Howdy,
> The two lines shown with the <-------- above have been wrapped and then
> unwrapped so that there is an extra space between the '#' and the '1' 
> and
> also between 'cent' and 'er'. Fix that up and it all works very nicely.
> Good Luck,
> Herb Schulz
> (herbs at wideopenwest.com)

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