Fwd: [OS X TeX] GS help?

Tom Kiffe tom at kiffe.com
Thu Oct 3 00:42:26 EDT 2002

Ross Moore wrote:
>Well, firstly, your files may have a line-ending problem.
>(but I don't think this is the real problem, see below)
>This mess (from below):
>should look more like:
>The =0D represents a \r (carriage-return)
>rather than a unix \n (new-line) character.
>So first open your Mathematica graphics in BBedit and resave
>as Unix, rather than Mac.
>Then try the ps2pdf route again.
>If that doesn't work, then maybe the Mathematica fonts
>are not included. That's what this seems to be saying:
> (after cleaning up the encoding for email attachment)
>%%DocumentNeededResources: font Math1
>%%+ font Times-Italic
>%%+ font Courier
>%%+ font Times-Roman
>%%DocumentNeededFonts: Math1
>%%+ Times-Italic
>%%+ Courier
>%%+ Times-Roman
>%%DocumentFonts: Math1
>%%+ Times-Italic
>%%+ Courier
>%%+ Times-Roman
>The Mathematica font Math1 is needed, but not supplied in the .eps.
>Without it, you will not get GS to convert the file properly anyway.
>So you must either find the way to make Mathematica include all the fonts
>when it makes the .eps file, else send the publishers the .eps files
>(without fonts) and tell them to find the necessary resources and do
>the conversion.
>It won't be the first time that they have encountered such problems.

Two comments.

1) Ghostscript itself has no problems with Mac, Unix, or DOS line endings. The
ps2pdf script shouldn't have any problems either since it does not attempt to
read a ps file. The epstopdf script can have problems with line endings
since it is a perl script written specifically for Unix and it does attempt to
read the eps file.

2) Ghostscript is quite capable of adding the Mathematica fonts when it is
converting a Postscript or eps file. You simply have to add the pfa 
Mathematica fonts to ghostscript's font directory and then modify the Fontmap.GS
file in ghostscript's lib directory. You should add these lines
/Math1				(Math1.pfb) ;
/Math1-Bold			(Math1Bol.pfb) ;
/Math1Mono			(Math1Mon.pfb) ;
/Math1Mono-Bold		(Math1MonBol.pfb) ;
/Math2				(Math2.pfb) ;
/Math2-Bold			(Math2Bol.pfb) ;
/Math2Mono			(Math2Mon.pfb) ;
/Math2Mono-Bold		(Math2MonBol.pfb) ;
/Math3				(Math3.pfb) ;
/Math3-Bold			(Math3Bol.pfb) ;
/Math3Mono			(Math3Mon.pfb) ;
/Math3Mono-Bold		(Math3MonBol.pfb) ;
/Math4				(Math4.pfb) ;
/Math4-Bold			(Math4Bol.pfb) ;
/Math4Mono			(Math4Mon.pfb) ;
/Math4Mono-Bold		(Math4MonBol.pfb) ;
/Math5				(Math5.pfb) ;
/Math5-Bold			(Math5Bol.pfb) ;
/Math5Mono			(Math5Mon.pfb) ;
/Math5Mono-Bold		(Math5MonBol.pfb) ;
to Fontmap.GS.


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