[OS X TeX] GS help?

Tom Kiffe tom at kiffe.com
Thu Oct 3 00:42:12 EDT 2002

Ted Rogers wrote:

>That worked, although the image is down in the left corner... is there a modifier or something for that?
>Is this the program called "convert"?
>1 last question, how do start Imagemagick? Or use pstopdf?  (did I say 1?  oops.)

As I said in an earlier post, the easiest way to convert eps to tiff is to 
use macps2pdf. It is included with MacGhostView, not MacGhostViewX. It even
runs in OS 9, so your friend can do the conversions himself. With macps2pdf
you can easily set the resolution of the resulting tiff and the tiff image
will have the correct bounding box and not be located down in the left
corner. Unlike ImageMagick, which just calls ghostscript to converts the eps 
to pnmraw and then to tiff, macps2pdf uses ghostscript to convert eps
directly to tiff. Macps2pdf is an ordinary Mac program and you do not have
to use the command line interface of the Terminal program.

Yes, I wrote macps2pdf but that in no way affects my opinion. :-)


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