[OS X TeX] installing TeX-Fat.dmg: BSD subsystem

trogers at math.fsu.edu trogers at math.fsu.edu
Mon Oct 28 21:42:40 EST 2002

i must say that i was perplexed by this whole thing, as i have never 
had to "select" to install the BSD subsystem.
(what is OS X without it....)



On Monday, October 28, 2002, at 07:20  PM, Gerben Wierda wrote:

> On Sunday, Oct 27, 2002, at 17:55 Europe/Amsterdam, Gerben Wierda 
> wrote:
>> I do not know, but I'm fairly unhappy about Apple lowering the 
>> standards wrt the availability of unix stuff here. As I do understand 
>> and support their insistence on GUI-stuff, there is nothing wrong 
>> with GUI-stuff using Unix stuff in the back, IMO.
>> This change (where Apple's Mac OS X in fact is a rather 'broken' unix 
>> by default as much of what is standard part of unix is missing) has 
>> delayed i-installer v2 because I want to work around this so that 
>> i-installer v2 will work on systems without the BSD subsystem 
>> installed. The solution is that i am going to copy those parts of the 
>> BSD subsystem that I need into my own app. This is suboptimal, but 
>> the only way out.
> I feel the need to add that I have been too harsh in my comment here. 
> Apple offers the option *not* to install the BSD subsystem. The 
> availability of the BSD subsystem is still default. My apologies.
> G

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