[OS X TeX] installing TeX-Fat.dmg: BSD subsystem

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Sun Oct 27 11:55:59 EST 2002

On Sunday, Oct 27, 2002, at 17:05 Europe/Amsterdam, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Does anybody know when in the installation process such a choice 
> can/must be done? I can't remember having ever instructed anything 
> about a BSD subsystem to my G4. But as my installation was OS 9 -> 
> Public Beta -> 10.0 update -> 10.1 update -> 10.2 update, I may have 
> missed something present in a direct install.
> By the way, does anybody know a URL documenting Apple's notion of a 
> BSD subsystem, and why its installation may be considered optional? 
> (Nothing too technical, as I'm not a programmer, just an interested 
> user.)

I do not know, but I'm fairly unhappy about Apple lowering the 
standards wrt the availability of unix stuff here. As I do understand 
and support their insistence on GUI-stuff, there is nothing wrong with 
GUI-stuff using Unix stuff in the back, IMO.

This change (where Apple's Mac OS X in fact is a rather 'broken' unix 
by default as much of what is standard part of unix is missing) has 
delayed i-installer v2 because I want to work around this so that 
i-installer v2 will work on systems without the BSD subsystem 
installed. The solution is that i am going to copy those parts of the 
BSD subsystem that I need into my own app. This is suboptimal, but the 
only way out.

So, the good news is that i-Installer v2 will be BSD-independent, the 
bad news is that it will be delayed by a day or so (I was supposed to 
release it today) and that of course it is not clear if this BSD-less 
solution is at all entirely possible.


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