[OS X TeX] installing TeX-Fat.dmg: BSD subsystem

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Sun Oct 27 12:28:24 EST 2002

Le dimanche, 27 oct 2002, à 17:55 Europe/Paris, Gerben Wierda a écrit :

> I do not know, but I'm fairly unhappy about Apple lowering the 
> standards wrt the availability of unix stuff here. As I do understand 
> and support their insistence on GUI-stuff, there is nothing wrong with 
> GUI-stuff using Unix stuff in the back, IMO.

I remember Public Beta providing several nice utilities (in 
/Applications/Utilities/) which, though buggy, were convenient. These 
utilities, too, were removed in 10.0 without any warning. I miss in 
particular the HTML editor, which got me started on implementing the 
web pages of my research group.

> This change (where Apple's Mac OS X in fact is a rather 'broken' unix 
> by default as much of what is standard part of unix is missing) has 
> delayed i-installer v2 because I want to work around this so that 
> i-installer v2 will work on systems without the BSD subsystem 
> installed. The solution is that i am going to copy those parts of the 
> BSD subsystem that I need into my own app. This is suboptimal, but the 
> only way out.
> So, the good news is that i-Installer v2 will be BSD-independent, the 
> bad news is that it will be delayed by a day or so (I was supposed to 
> release it today) and that of course it is not clear if this BSD-less 
> solution is at all entirely possible.

If these BSD parts are related to decompression, is there a possibility 
of using StuffIt Expander instead? I don't know whether it's still 
shipped by Apple as part of the OS, but originally it was (as I own 
StuffIt Deluxe, Apple's installer's behaviour in my case is probably 
not standard). But in any case StuffIt is a proprietary product, so 
relying on it in another software is probably not a good idea anyway.

Bruno Voisin

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