[OS X TeX] Unicode and TexShop, iTexMac (errata)

Jérôme Laurens jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr
Tue Oct 15 03:34:13 EDT 2002

Le mardi, 15 oct 2002, à 09:22 Europe/Zurich, Jérôme Laurens a écrit :


>> If I erase the ā and replace it with the "a macron", things again 
>> are fine.
>> Am I right in guessing that the editor does not pay attention to the 
>> string encoding when opening files, and thus messes them up (at least 
>> visually, since they still compile correctly?), and when restating 
>> the unicode nature of the text, the messed-up diacritics get in the 
>> way.
>> It's bugging me, as the point of using unicode was (to me) to get a 
>> more visually readable text in the first palce, so if my diacritics 
>> TeX-style are to be replaced by other, less readeable characters...
>> De toute manière, merci pour un programme bien pratique,
>> Cyril
> You are right. There is no way for an editor to guess what is the 
> encoding used, except when explictely explain inside the file itself.
> iTeXMac has a preferred string encoding. If you it to read a file with 
> a different encoding, just add the line
> %!iTeXMac(encoding): UTF-8
> in the very beginning of your source file.
> However, the first time you save the file, you MUST set the actual 
> string encoding.


> %!iTeXMac(charset): UTF-8

if you opened a file and characters seem weird you probably used a 
wrong string encoding, use the menu "Format:String Encoding:Revert 
with" to reread it witha different string encoding
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