[OS X TeX] Math fonts wierdness: UPDATE

Andrew Farmer andfarm at thibs.menloschool.org
Mon Oct 14 17:06:15 EDT 2002

Well, I've tried a variety of programs, and the problem does indeed seem
to be with Apple's NSPDFRepresentation class. Bummer.

On the other hand, iTeXMac offers an option to view the resulting PDF
using Acrobat Reader, which bypasses Apple's buggy class. The only issue
remaining is:

	Why is iTeXMac's syntax parser so slow?

After starting to use iTeXMac, I noticed that input seemed inordinately
slow, running CPU utilization up to around 75% with average-speed
typing. After searching for the problem, I finally realized that the
syntax coloring slowed the editor down immensely.

I've turned off syntax coloring for now, but this has the unfortunate
side-effect of locking the font into the system monospace, which is not
the font I'd prefer to be using.

Does anybody have any other solutions to this problem, save using a
different editor?

Andrew Farmer
andfarm at thibs.menloschool.org

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