[OS X TeX] missing ligatures using AGaramon

Cyril Niklaus cynik at gmx.co.uk
Sat Oct 19 02:31:52 EDT 2002

Hello Adrian,

On Saturday, October 19, 2002, at 12:30 PM, Adrian Heathcote wrote:

> Cyril---it looks to me as though the map file is missing the expert 
> fonts entirely. If no one else has already done so I will send you my 
> map file off-list. Let me know.
Well, I had only quoted what I was planning on using for the OsF, 
leaving out the rest. But by all means, I'd be glad to receive your 
pad.map, as the ones I've seen so far had small inconsistencies with 
the Berry names. And since I've only tried my hand once 
(unsuccessfully) installing a font for TeX, I'm rather new at that.


"Life is a waste of time, time is a waste of life, so get wasted all of 
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Tom Waits

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