[OS X TeX] Equation Service and Copy and Paste in OS X

Doug Rowland rowland at belka.space.umn.edu
Fri Oct 18 12:00:01 EDT 2002

I've been following this cut and paste thread with interest as I have  
run into these problems in developing Equation Service.  Being somewhat  
of a newbie to both Cocoa / OS X programming and LaTeX, I didn't know  
how much of it was due to my programming errors and how much due to  
limitations imposed by other programs such as Word in their accepting  
of documents from the clipboard.

One workaround that works with Equation Service and Word/Powerpoint v.  
X is the following:

If you put your equations in at 12 point, they will look blurry as  
hell.  The best thing to do is to insert them at the largest font size  
possible and then shrink them down within Word or Powerpoint.  When I  
put in equations with say 72 pt font and then shrink them down until  
they appear to be 12 pt, they look fairly good.  The current  
"development" release of ES may not support using these 72pt fonts  
using the GUI.  If you are interested in trying this, email me and I  
will send you an intermediate development release that this works with.

I hope to revisit this problem in more detail in the near future and  
will try to solve it by having ES generate a very high-resolution  
bitmapped graphic for use in things like Word, while keeping the vector  
PDF for use with real, "modern" applications.

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