[OS X TeX] TeXshop --> Alpha

Jon Guyer jguyer at his.com
Sun Oct 20 09:31:20 EDT 2002

At 8:36 PM +1000 10/18/02, Adrian Heathcote wrote:

>No, not that it does not colour it. That the text is not broken into
>paragraphs, but rather has squares that signify where a return would
>have been in the original. And the text does not compile.

As others have said, it sounds like you've got mixed line endings. It 
seems likely that Burkhard's suggestion is correct: the file was 
first edited with Alpha or something else and saved with Mac line 
endings, and that then subsequent edits with TeXshop added in 
linefeeds. Alpha gets really confused by mixed line endings (and 
usually would give a different error: "The file 'blah' had 
inconsistent line terminations. They have been converted to Carriage 
Returns. Saving this file may damage it if it contains binary data.")

If you can send me (not the list) the offending file, I'll see if I 
can't figure out what's going on.

In general, Alpha's wrapping is not very sophisticated (it doesn't do 
true soft wrapping, despite the "Soft" setting), but this should not 
perturb TeX. Lines separated by single line breaks are treated as 
contiguous text by TeX.


   Jonathan E. Guyer

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