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Luis Sequeira lsequeir at fc.ul.pt
Fri Oct 18 04:59:21 EDT 2002

I was intrigued by your post, because Alpha is very flexible with 
line endings (it can handle Mac, Windows and Unix line endings 
without problems). I tried to reproduce the situation, but Alpha (I'm 
using version 7.2) handled the TeXshop created document perfectly. 
Apparently, TeXShop uses the Unix style line endings (which is to be 
expected, since it invokes the Unix tools to do the typesetting).

What exactly do you mean by "undifferentiated text"? That Alpha does 
not color it?
I suggest you try to "Save as..." to foo2.tex and take care to select
Format: Mac in bottom of the save as... dialog.
Maybe the TeX engine on that machine does not handle Unix line endings.



>Hi All
>I sometimes have to open up documents created in TeXShop on another 
>computer using OS 9, in Alpha. The problem is the paragraph breaks.
>Alpha presents me with two options " convert foo.tex from paragraph 
>format, no, yes." If I say yes, then I get something that that 
>resembles a block of undifferentiated text---and it won't compile. 
>If I say no then I get a single line of unwrapped text that extends 
>horizontally out of the window. But it compiles.
>I can't see any preference in TeXShop that will make it comfortably 
>cohabit with Alpha, and if there is a preference in Alpha that will 
>make it better understand TeXShop's line and paragraph endings, then 
>I can't find that either.
>Does anyone know what I have to do to Alpha to make this importing a 
>smoother business? Any assistance gratefully received. I'm using 
>Alpha 7.4.2.
>Adrian Heathcote
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