[OS X TeX] elsart.cls

hanson at math.uic.edu hanson at math.uic.edu
Sat Oct 26 00:14:40 EDT 2002

Hey Chris,

c>Hi folks.  I'm trying to use a style file called elsart that Elsevier
c>publications uses for their academic journals.  When I tex on my powerbook
c>I get a very weird bug, which produces hundreds of pages, each with a few
c>words on it.  Any ideas?

I have used elsart.cls for Fut. Gen. Comp. Sys. successfully.  However,
it is pretty constrained latex.  Make sure you follow the sample latex
from the same place you got elsart. Do not try to change the format (too

The DOS line breaks should not make a difference except for trying to 
edit it.  (If you use vi, just ":%s/
//g" where the "
" is made by
a "ctrl-v-m" triple key to get rid the toy linebreaks.  Should work
in emacs (ensures maximally a carpeltunnel sydrome{%>)}.)


PS: Are you the same Chris Moore that was our NeXT Contact?
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