[OS X TeX] Re: MANPATH Problem with settcshtexpath

Juan Falgueras juanfc at lcc.uma.es
Tue Oct 1 14:23:42 EDT 2002

	/etc/manpath.config is appened by teTeX that add the line

MANPATH /usr/local/tetex/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin-current  /usr/local/tetex/man

after that I suppose running  manpath  as says  "man manpath" should 
append to the environtment variable the corresponding mapping 
(between files in the (i dont understant why son funny named)

/usr/local/tetex/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin-current (that must be also 
in the $path, as is) and the /usr/local/tetex/man  directory

but this not works at least in my 10.2.1

man latex does not works and you need to put

man -M /usr/local/tetex/man  latex to see the corresponding man's

Why so funny names?
Why do not follow the starndards and name the bins


Why that not works?


14:14 +0200 6/9/02, Gerben Wierda escribe:
>On Thursday, September 5, 2002, at 09:33 , Herb Schulz wrote:
>>The line in /etc/csh.login introduced by 'settcshtexpath',
>>setenv MANPATH "${MANPATH}:/usr/local/teTeX/man:/usr/local/man",
>>introduces a problem with tcsh initialization if (as is true on my
>>the MANPATH environment variable is not defined. All processing of init
>>files by the login tcsh seems to terminate.
>Yes. This is why the last versions of settcshtexpath does not set the
>MANPATH there but in /etc/manpath.config where man is handled in 10.2
>In other words, you have an old intermediate and (ugh) faulty version of
>settcshtexpath which you probably downloaded from my ftp site where (as
>it turns out) the old faulty version was still hanging around until 5
>minutes ago (The last TeX releases contain the fixed version). My
>I have updated settcshtexpath on the ftp site, just in case. If you
>download that, install it over the one you have in the TeX binaries
>directory (just like you did with the one you have now). You might have
>to remove the faulty TeX entry in /etc/csh.login by hand to get good
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