[OS X TeX] GS help?

trogers at math.fsu.edu trogers at math.fsu.edu
Wed Oct 2 18:29:08 EDT 2002

Newbie to using these tools:

Am I to be able to type "gs" or "ImageMagick" at my Terminal.app and 
start the program?

Those produce, "command not found" for me.  (The man pages do show up.)


On Wednesday, October 2, 2002, at 05:45  PM, Gerben Wierda wrote:

> On Wednesday, Oct 2, 2002, at 23:05 Europe/Amsterdam, 
> trogers at math.fsu.edu wrote:
>> have I the ability to covert from eps to tiff?
>> if so, how, please?
> Installing the ImageMagick i-Package will help. Either with the old 
> i-Installer or contact me directly and I'll tell you where to download 
> the current beta of the new i-Installer (which does not require for 
> you to type in URL's of most packages as it has the ability to locate 
> them)
> G

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