[OS X TeX] What is Copy and Paste in OS X?

Bob Kerstetter bkerstetter at mac.com
Thu Oct 17 10:24:31 EDT 2002

I have created pdf exports with OmniGraffle and included them in TeX 
docs and everything looked good. All of my TeX output goes to pdf, not 

To make a test of this cut and paste issue using system fonts -- 
Helvetica-12-Regular and Bold -- I typed text into OmniGraffle, 
selected it as an object, copied it, pasted it in TextEdit and Word. In 
Text Edit it looks okay. In Word it looks fuzzy. Then I saved all three 
docs -- OmniGraffle, TextEdit and Word -- to pdf. OmniGraffle pdf was 
very clear, TextEdit pdf was little fuzzy. Word pdf was a fuzzy mess, 
almost a blur.

To continue, I then exported the text from OmniGraffle as pdf, imported 
by drag-and-drop it into both TextEdit and Word, and saved the TextEdit 
and Word docs as pdf. Comparing these three pdf docs -- the original 
OmniGraffle exported pdf, TextEdit-generated pdf and Word-generated pdf 
-- there was very little difference. But my eyes are 52 years old.

So a conclusion could be this. There appears to be some problems with 
cut and paste from OmniGraffle to TextEdit and Word when it comes to 
text. Word has a lot more of a problem than TextEdit with the 
fuzziness. Exporting from OmniGraffle to pdf and importing solves the 
fuzziness problem in both TextEdit and Word.

Again, this  was with system fonts, not TeX fonts. I don't use TeX 
fonts for anything but TeX.

On Thursday, Oct 17, 2002, at 01:00 US/Central, Keith M. Chugg wrote:

> From 1990-OSX, copying an pasting from one app to another worked 
> really well with text and graphics preserved at high resolution.
> Now, you paste a drawing from something like omnigraffle into word, 
> powerpoint, or even textedit and the text will not look high-res... 
> Pretty disappointing.

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