[OS X TeX] What is Copy and Paste in OS X?

Keith M. Chugg chugg at usc.edu
Thu Oct 17 12:10:51 EDT 2002

>I have created pdf exports with OmniGraffle and included them in TeX 
>docs and everything looked good. All of my TeX output goes to pdf, 
>not dvi.

Me too. This is great.  Once I get used to using a drawing program, I 
like to stick with it.  Sometimes I need to generate some powerpoint 
slides, so including pictures from omnigraffle to MS products is of 
interest for me.

>To make a test of this cut and paste issue using system fonts -- 
>Helvetica-12-Regular and Bold -- I typed text into OmniGraffle, 
>selected it as an object, copied it, pasted it in TextEdit and Word. 
>In Text Edit it looks okay. In Word it looks fuzzy. Then I saved all 
>three docs -- OmniGraffle, TextEdit and Word -- to pdf. OmniGraffle 
>pdf was very clear, TextEdit pdf was little fuzzy. Word pdf was a 
>fuzzy mess, almost a blur.
>To continue, I then exported the text from OmniGraffle as pdf, 
>imported by drag-and-drop it into both TextEdit and Word, and saved 
>the TextEdit and Word docs as pdf. Comparing these three pdf docs -- 
>the original OmniGraffle exported pdf, TextEdit-generated pdf and 
>Word-generated pdf -- there was very little difference. But my eyes 
>are 52 years old.

Interesting.  I see a big difference in Textedit, but little or none in Word.

I noticed something similar with equation service & omnigraffle: tou 
can either (1) you use the "services" in omnigraffle to typeset 
something or (2) typeset it in the equation services app and drag and 
drop to omnigraffle.  Both methods produce the same printed pdf 
quality, but (2) produces better on screen quality.

Regarding the fonts, I think that the cmr fonts from my classic 
installation of textures are being accessed by OSX in some apps, but 
with problems.  Word sees all the textures fonts, but some of the 
character mappings are messed up - e.g., a space in cmr12 produces a 
\Phi.  In other apps (Omnigraffle & Key Caps) it only sees "computer 
modern" and when you type in this font, it is displaying the tex 
stmbol fonts.  Strange...

Oh well, hopefully this will get better.  I was hoping that Quartz 
would allow for high-res copy n paste from preview of any pdf 


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