[OS X TeX] i-Installer & Jaguar (10.2) Trivial Fix

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Tue Oct 8 12:16:17 EDT 2002

/ is a traditional date / month / year separator here in the US, but a
dash fills in recognizably well.

However, the : is the normal time separator, and nothing else is readily
recognized for that, so the traditional Mac OS way of doing things (as
is often the case) bass akwards and contrary to nice inter-working w/
other systems.

The ISO has a couple of standards for representing date / time, and
while most can be made to work readily w/ Unix, either as a file or path
name, the Mac convention of colon for folder separator just doesn't gibe.

The Finder is a Mach-O app 'cause Apple doesn't want it run in Mac OS
<=9, it needs the performance boost and
(most importantly) it has to be able to function if one installs to a
non-resource fork filesystem, i.e., UFS.


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