[OS X TeX] Re: [Fink-users] MANPATH

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Fri Oct 4 11:48:43 EDT 2002

On Friday, Oct 4, 2002, at 13:23 Europe/Amsterdam, Martin Costabel (by 
way of Juan Fal) wrote:

> It is clear that fink has to do something about this, but it is not 
> immediately clear what. IIUC the new scheme for the manpath 
> configuration allows only the one config file /etc/manpath.conf.
> Modifying this would be against fink's philosophy, and for [...] 
> reasons. As long as it is not possible to teach manpath to use another 
> config file, for example in /sw/etc/, fink needs to set MANPATH. It 
> just should set it by using `manpath -q` as one of the components. 
> This has to be done after teh PATH variable is set.


> AFAICT, the only problem so far is with Gerben Wierda's tetex package 
> in /usr/local, and this problem could be solved by modifying fink's 
> system-tetex package so that it sets this MANPATH component in its 
> shell startup script in /sw/etc/profile.d/

Not necessary. My packages do modify /etc/manpath.conf and 
/etc/login.std. As a result, the PATH contains TeX and a `manpath -q` 
will contain the man path for TeX.

As long as fink uses `manpath -q`, there will be no problem.


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