[OS X TeX] installing TeX-Fat.dmg: BSD subsystem

Benji Fisher fisherbb at bc.edu
Sun Oct 27 12:50:31 EST 2002

Bruno Voisin wrote:
> Le dimanche, 27 oct 2002, à 16:50 Europe/Paris, Tim Lighthiser a écrit :
> > With the BSD subsystem installed everything seems to
> > be running fine.
> Does anybody know when in the installation process such a choice
> can/must be done? I can't remember having ever instructed anything
> about a BSD subsystem to my G4. But as my installation was OS 9 ->
> Public Beta -> 10.0 update -> 10.1 update -> 10.2 update, I may have
> missed something present in a direct install.

     I just upgraded to 10.2 two days ago.  When the installer was ready
to get to work ("Click Next for an Easy Install" or some such message) I
noticed the "Options" button and tried it.  That is where you get to
decide whether to install the "BSD subsystem."  I included that, but
decided to save a few hundred MB by not installing fonts and
localizations for languages I do not use.  (Famous last words...)

     I do not remember where, if anywhere, the "BSD subsystem" is

HTH					--Benji Fisher

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