[OS X TeX] xdvik, semicolons in texmf.cnf

William McCallum mccallumwilliam at qwest.net
Sat Oct 12 02:54:36 EDT 2002

I recently managed to install xdvik, a dvi viewer that is almost 
perfect from my point of view (forward and reverse search to emacs 
(even with multifile documents), hyperlinks, shows embedded postscript 
and uses type1 fonts).

In the process, I discovered that the texmf.cnf configuration file that 
comes with Gerben Weirda's distribution has semicolons separating the 
path names instead of the usual unix colons. Replacing them with colons 
solved a problem I had with xdvik continually regenerating fonts it had 
already generated.

Does anyone know what the consequences might be of replacing the 
semicolons with colons (I've seen no bad ones so far)? And, if unix 
uses colons, how did the whole system cope until now with the 

Another mystery: replacing the semicolons seems to have broken the fix 
that repaired the identical problem with xdvi.

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