[OS X TeX] Book, _Making TeX Work_ available on Sourceforge

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Mon Sep 16 19:07:23 EDT 2002

Michael quoted Norman Walsh's forward for this:
>I wrote Making TeX Work in 1994. It has not been updated and is
unquestionably out-of-date.
>In fact, the TeX sources are still in LaTeX 2.09.

>It is provided here for the benefit of those readers who would like to
read it (it has been out of
>print for several years) or its TeX sources.
>I have no plans to update it.

and replied:
>Nothing about OS X :-(

If you feel a general bit of information regarding TeX is off-topic,
then consider this a challenge for everyone to contribute to this open
source (though I can'f figure out how to get at the TeX source...)
document and up-date it to reflect developments in TeX for Mac OS X.



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