[OS X TeX] huge digests full of dreck

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sun Sep 15 10:12:56 EDT 2002

> I have a sense of deja vu here. I am pretty sure that this very same 
> message---word for word---was sent out about six months ago. I can 

The dates are 8 Feb, and 22 May of this year.
There may have been one even earlier, too.

> recall the same listing of 'most useful contributors being the worst 
> offenders', and the same un-likening of postings to rocket science.
> Could this be the reason Ross feels unfairly singled out? He is being 
> reprimanded (a second time!) for something he may (or may not) have done 
> six months ago!!

Thanks for the support Adrian, but let's not blow this up unduly.
In neither of the earlier ones were specific names mentioned.

> I don't know about rocket science, but this is pretty fishy. And more 
> than a bit unfair.

We all make mistakes from time-to-time.
So let it be this time, and everyone try to put a positive slant on this
exchange and examine some of the options available in our email software.
That includes Johann Beda, who surely can do something to avoid the
aggravation that he feels at some of the redundancy in some messages.

Remember that every email comes with about 20 lines of header,
showing how the message was routed to your machine, and much other info.
Software can, and usually does, hide this. So there *are* ways to avoid
unwanted stuff.

BTW, in case anyone is interested in finding out about what happened
at TUG2002 in India, week before last, you can (try to) download
a report from my site:


But before you do this, beware that it is ~32 Mbytes,
due to many embedded images (~40 of them).

And no, I will not consider posting it to the list.  :-)
(Yes, it was made with TeXShop, so maybe the preamble will be
of use to someone.)

All the best,

> Adrian Heathcote

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