[OS X TeX] Re: MacOSX-TeX Digest #423 - 09/09/02

Jürgen Pöschel math at poschel.de
Tue Sep 10 04:34:34 EDT 2002

>> I recently updated to Jaguar, TeXShop 1.20,
>> updated the hp deskjet driver and reinstalled teTeX -
>> and now things seem to be a little out of whack.
>> More precisely, the TeX reference point does not
>> seem to have the coordinates (1in,1in) anymore.
>> Even worse, printing out of TeXShop and out of Acrobat
>> seems to produce different results as far as positioing
>> the whole stuff on the page is concerned.
>> Does anybody have similar problems, or even better,
>> a cure?
> I've noticed a similar problem. For me this happened in plain TeX only,
> and with pdfTeX; it was connected with having had successive
> installations (and customizations) of teTeX, which ended up with
> conflicting versions of pdftex.cfg located in various subfolders of the
> texmf, texmf.local and texmf.macosx directories.
> Try putting something like (if you're using a4paper) in your input 
> file:
> \pdfpagewidth=210truemm
> \pdfpageheight=297truemm
> \pdfhorigin=1truein
> \pdfvorigin=1truein
> If that cures your problem, then you've got wrong versions of
> pdftex.cfg somwhere in your system; the correct version should contain:
> page_width 210 true mm
> page_height 297 true mm
> horigin 1 true in
> vorigin 1 true in
> Try locating the wrong versions and suppressing them.

Great - this really cured the problem.
Thanks a lot.


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