[OS X TeX] 10.2 permissions/crash

Richard Seguin riseguin at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 10 00:44:43 EDT 2002

I recently wrote:

> I tried running the script in BBEdit, supplied by the plug-in, that 
> activates teTex to generate a PDF, directing output to Acrobat. It 
> worked once, and subsequent attempts generated an obscure error 
> message. That one compile seemed to take roughly twice as long as 
> TeXShop on the same document, roughly equivalent to the speed of 
> iTeXMac.

Could BBEdit and that plug-in have caused the crash I had last night? 
Or was it Omniweb? The system has been running for days now with no 
problems whatsoever.

I continued playing with BBEdit, and then switched to my Omniweb 
browser. I tried editing some bookmarks, and I discovered that I 
couldn't move the bookmarks around. Then I noticed that the Omniweb 
icon in my dock had turned dark. I powered down and then powered back 
up, only to be greeted by a blank screen with no menu bar, and only 
date/time, sound icon, and battery indicator showing. There was no 
finder. I repaired permissions with the install disk, and it started 
back up, but the date and time were wrong. I corrected the date and 
time and then powered down and then powered back up only to be greeted 
by the blank screen again. After several iterations of this, I 
deinstalled Omniweb and BBEdit from my hard drive, and removed the 
Omniweb icon from the dock. Then I repaired permissions again. So far 
everything is working correctly except that when I just retrieved mail 
I received 300+ duplicates of messages that I had already gotten.

Why would repairing permissions bring the finder back? Why are my 
permissions getting corrupted in the first place? Bizarre. At the 
moment, I'm crossing my fingers that I won't get another blank screen 
in the morning when I power up.


Richard Séguin

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