[OS X TeX] Getting 10.1 tcsh behaviour in 10.2, do NOT follow the README

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Tue Sep 10 04:51:16 EDT 2002

On Tuesday, September 10, 2002, at 03:56 , tom keyes wrote:

> however if i do use it with a
> ~/.login file consisting of 'source /usr/share/tcsh/examples/login',

Apple has created a quagmire here and the solutions people using are 
producing a lot of new problems. The examples in /usr/share/tcsh are 
meant for inclusion in the /etc/csh.login (as it was in 10.1.5 where 
/etc/csh.login reads

	source /usr/share/init/tcsh/login

) The way (t)csh works is that anything in ~/.login is read *after* the 
generic /etc/csh.login. .login is therefore meant to augment, not to 
replace stuff in the generic setup, and the examples assume a clean 

In other words, in case you want the original behaviour back, do *NOT* 
follow the recommendations in the examples/README as it breaks normal 
behaviour. Instead, add

	source  /usr/share/tcsh/examples/login

as the *first* line in /etc/csh.login more or less as it was under 10.1


In short: the instructions in  /usr/share/tcsh/examples/README are 
misleading/wrong. Too bad they are there and everybody is copying them. 
Now there will be many systems with broken ~/.login files and even when 
Apple decides to repair the mess it will be too late. The damage will be 

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