[OS X TeX] paths in 10.2 again

tom keyes keyes at chem.bu.edu
Mon Sep 9 21:56:32 EDT 2002

here's my current understanding. apple's 'login' file first sets a path
(does not add to any current path) and then adds the user's additions
specified in ~/login.mine. in 10.1.5 it is /usr/share/init/tcsh/login and
the TeX path from my teTeX installation is added at the end - no problem.
in os 10.2 settcshtexpath writes the path into /etc/csh.login. if i don't
use apple's login file, again no problem. however if i do use it with a
~/.login file consisting of 'source /usr/share/tcsh/examples/login', this
file is read after /etc/csh.login and the set (not add to) path overwrites
anything in /etc/csh.login. that's easy to work around, but anyway
settcshtexpath can't be used if /usr/share/tcsh/examples/login is borrowed
as your personal .login file.


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