[OS X TeX] [OT] Extending a figure on the external margin

Siep siepo at cybercomm.nl
Wed Sep 25 16:40:19 EDT 2002

On Wed, 25 Sep 2002 09:21:19 -0400
Gary L. Gray <gray at engr.psu.edu> wrote:

> Have TeX determine whether or not the page is even or odd and then 
> include the graphic file:
> \newlength{\negevenjump}
> \newcommand{\bigfig}{%
> \ifthenelse{\isodd{\thepage}}%
> % then set \negevenjump to zero;
> {\setlength{\negevenjump}{0mm}}%
> % otherwise set \negevenjump to a value which makes the graphic
> % aligned with the left margin of even numbered pages.
> {\setlength{\negevenjump}{-\marginparsep - \marginparwidth}}%
> % Now simply include the graphic.
> \hspace{\negevenjump}\includegraphics{yourfigname}
> }
> I haven't tried this, but it gives you the general idea (I have simply 
> modified some code we have to do this from a book we are writing). Note 
> it does not use the figure environment, which gives a float, so you 
> will have to determine the placement of your figure and create the 
> caption.
> You might also search for this in comp.text.tex on Google.
> Good luck,
> -- Gary L. Gray

This test for even/odd pagenumber is far from foolproof: when this test is
made, it is not yet known whether or not the fragment will go on this page
or move to the next one.

It is safer to create a label \label{xxx} and test whether \pageref{xxx}
is even or odd.

Siep Kroonenberg
siepo at cybercomm.nl

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