[OS X TeX] Re: Changing Textures files to std TeX

Larry Paulson Larry.Paulson at cl.cam.ac.uk
Fri Sep 20 05:42:38 EDT 2002

> Question: does anybody have any suggestions on how to transition with 
> the least amount of pain?  I know that I can open super paint docs in 
> classic, print to .ps and then convert to pdf, but this will cause lots 
> of headaches with the bounding boxes, etc. - this was the draw of 
> Textures in the first place. 

Textures runs fine in Classic mode, where it provides much more functionality
than TeXShop does.  It is also easier to use; in particular you don't need to
create your own tetex tree in order to store your macro files.

Textures always uses Mac-style line breaks, which can cause problems for
people using other computers.  BBEdit Lite lets you convert line breaks,
though.  Open the file and use the first button from the left of the toolbar.
You can even convert to DOS line breaks (horror).

Larry Paulson

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