[OS X TeX] Accent bug with times

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Fri Sep 20 06:11:40 EDT 2002

Bruno Voisin wrote:
> Le vendredi, 20 sep 2002, à 09:51 Europe/Paris, Ralph Martin a écrit :
>> Anyone else seen this apparent bug when using the times package, 
>> Texshop, and Gerben Weirda's distribution? Who should I report it to?
>>> Typeset the latex file below using tex and Ghostscript (7), rather 
>>> than pdftex.

Ah, so there remain bugs in ghostscript 7, after all. I thought it was 
safe to switch from gs6 to gs7, now that the quartz preview bugs wrt gs7 
were said to be fixed in jaguar. But this one shows up in Acrobat, too.

>>> In Section 1, note that the accent over the first "a" in Varady's 
>>> name comes out in the correct place, over the a. However, in the 
>>> References, it is displaced to the left, and not over the a.
> I can think of no other explanation than a bad OT1 metric file 
> ptmr7t.tfm, or some bug in dvips. But that remains a mystery to me.

But it is not in the ps file. And it is not in the pdf either, if you 
use ps2pdf from ghostscript version 6. It is definitely a bug in ps2pdf 
from ghostscript 7.

I am talking about ghostscript 6.01 vs 7.04 here, installed by fink, on 
top of tetex and dvips also installed by fink. So this is not a problem 
of recent tetex and dvips from Gerben Wierda, either.



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