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Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sat Sep 21 17:40:05 EDT 2002

> Yeah, but if you know this, then you don't email the list asking to be 

True; but when you use a piece of equipment, or software,
then you should have some idea of the things that it is capable of doing,
even if you don't use those features much yourself.

> to the whole list. For all intents and purposes, this information is
> hidden to many people.

So is the location of the lever to open the door to the petrol cap
on a car. When you rent an unfamiliar hire-car, you may not know
where that lever is, but you'd feel a real dork having to ask
at the rental desk to tell you where it is.

The Mac interface was meant to provide us with easy access to both
find out what a program can do, and how to do it.
Have we become so complacent with software that we no longer examine
the menus of a new application, or cannot understand the single words
and phrases that have been so carefully selected to be shown there?

> taken off. Better to put the info on the web site and save some emails 
Maybe it is already, or maybe there is no web-site.
Besides, where is the address of the web-site to be found...

  ... but, in the *headers* of every message, of course.

So I don't see that this makes the slightest bit of difference.

Besides, posting extra info on a website only helps for one mailing-list.
Learning to use your software better helps for *every* mailing list,
so is a far better solution.

> to the whole list. For all intents and purposes, this information is 
> hidden to many people.

Only at their own choice.

Sorry to be blunt.
(I think I'm voicing the same frustrations that Gary showed
with his 1-line response.)


> >>
> >> If you don't see these, then it is because your mailer is hiding them.
> >> Find the menu option that allows them to be seen.
> >
> > Yes, Apple's Mail does hide them. Use Cmd-Shift-H to display them. Or 
> > go to the Presentation menu. There's even a toolbar icon for this, 
> > it's just not part of the default toolbar setup.
> >
> > In Mozilla 1/Netscape 7 it's View/Message Source (Cmd-U).
> >

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