[OS X TeX] Configuration of teTeX under Jaguar

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpalacios at mac.com
Tue Sep 17 13:54:26 EDT 2002

On Tuesday, September 17, 2002, at 08:48  AM, Bruno Voisin wrote:


> - Locator at < http://www.sebastian-krauss.de/software>. Very 
> user-oriented, based on "locate", with many features, and very 
> up-to-date.
> - XLocate at 
> <http://homepage.mac.com/~incomingsw/products/xlocate.html>. Can use 
> both "find" and "locate". It hasn't been updated for about one year 
> now, so it might not be fully compatible with Jaguar, but I like very 
> much the simple and clean user interface, not to mention the delightful 
> Hobbes icon.
> Bruno Voisin

	I'm glad I was helpful. I should note than even though those 
applications seem appealing I highly recommend learning the Unix side of 
things: it can be intimidating at the beginning or maybe even 
overwhelming (as it was for me when I started typing commands) but after 
you get the grasp of the command line it becomes an indispensable tool, 
nothing can replace it because there just aren't as many front ends as 
there are useful commands! Along those lines the "man" command is one of 
the best learning tools but probably used best as quick reference.

	Of course, that's just the point of view of a geek who's more of a 
Unix head than anything. Just my two cents.



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