[OS X TeX] Line endings in TeXShop files

Luis Sequeira lsequeir at fc.ul.pt
Mon Sep 30 05:38:04 EDT 2002

>Is there any way to define what line endings TeXShop documents are saved in?
>And to define a line width separate from the width of the window, 
>during text editing?
>I am collaborating with a colleague using Linux, and he needs files 
>without line wrapping, and with Unix line endings, not Mac line 
>endings. Currently, I have to resave in BBEdit in order to enforce 
>Unix line endings.
>Have I missed something in the Preferences?

What about using Alpha as your text editor (only drawback is it still 
only available in classic). TeXShop supports external editors and 
Alpha not only is much more capable than the builtin editor in 
TeXShop for productive TeXing, but can save files with Unix or Mac 
(or, er, windows, for that matter) line endings, plus set the line 
width you wish.

And, of course,  you can set Alpha to typeset using TeXShop.


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