[OS X TeX] Line endings in TeXShop files

James Owen jhgowen at mac.com
Mon Sep 30 05:40:30 EDT 2002

On Monday, September 30, 2002, at 10:38 AM, Luis Sequeira wrote:

>> Is there any way to define what line endings TeXShop documents are 
>> saved in?
>> And to define a line width separate from the width of the window, 
>> during text editing?
>> ..........

> What about using Alpha as your text editor (only drawback is it still 
> only available in classic). TeXShop supports external editors and 
> Alpha not only is much more capable than the builtin editor in TeXShop 
> for productive TeXing, but can save files with Unix or Mac (or, er, 
> windows, for that matter) line endings, plus set the line width you 
> wish.
> And, of course,  you can set Alpha to typeset using TeXShop.

I can do all this with BBEdit, which I am used to, rather than Alpha, 
which I am not, but I wondered what the internal TeXShop editor could 


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