[OS X TeX] Re: presentations in math

Greg St George stgeorge at selway.umt.edu
Sat Sep 21 01:18:18 EDT 2002

Regarding presentations in math; I give lectures to 200 students 3 times a
week (a common occurrence alas) and so presentation software is a
must.  I use a package written by David Wilson of Utopia.  It allows one
to start with latex and turn it into a .pdf with all the usual powerpoint
effects (if one likes these) the most important one being "builds".  The
software is not free, but it is cheap.  It takes a little thinking to
learn to use, but after you figure it out you can do it in a few minutes.
The graphics are included as .eps files using the usual graphics package.

I don't know if this will help your professor at all, but at least you
should be aware that there is tex friendly presentation software.

I have no connection at all to Utopia Precision Typesetting.


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