[OS X TeX] Re: presentations in math

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Sat Sep 21 03:22:23 EDT 2002

>Regarding presentations in math; I give lectures to 200 students 3 times a
>week (a common occurrence alas) and so presentation software is a
>must.  I use a package written by David Wilson of Utopia.  It allows one
>to start with latex and turn it into a .pdf with all the usual powerpoint
>effects (if one likes these) the most important one being "builds".  The
>software is not free, but it is cheap.  It takes a little thinking to
>learn to use, but after you figure it out you can do it in a few minutes.
>The graphics are included as .eps files using the usual graphics package.
>I don't know if this will help your professor at all, but at least you
>should be aware that there is tex friendly presentation software.
>I have no connection at all to Utopia Precision Typesetting.
>                                                 Greg    

I'll put a vote in for UtiopiaType as well. Its at


My use usage is pretty much the same except it was 4 times a week :-)

The software ubuild is a post-processor so you
do tex to get a ps file and then convert it to pdf
with ubuild.ps loaded in during the ps -> pdf conversion.

Gerben did some great work on teTeX so that it processes the whole thing
in one hit which is very nice.  This means it is no different to
texing any file with latex - ghostscript in TeXShop.

One warning: I found the last couple of teTeX installs broke
the ubuild functionality. This is a ubuild problem not
teTeX it doesn't handle the lastest version of dvips (5.90a) which
has changed its code for end of page.
David Wilson is working on this. I am just using a version
of teTeX from  the beginning of the year which works
fine anyway.

- Michael

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