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Richard Seguin riseguin at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 8 23:38:42 EDT 2002


I've downloaded the demo version of BBEdit and have started playing 
with it. After having been spoiled by the Cocoa character smoothing in 
TeXShop and iTeXMac,  I'm not enchanted with the way that it renders 
characters, and find it more difficult to read. However, I also 
downloaded the BBEdit-TeXTools plugin, and it has a nice syntax 
coloring feature that allows you to color every math mode string from $ 
to $. This is a nice feature for me whose most frequent error, by far, 
is missing closing $ in math mode strings, and I have large numbers of 
math mode strings in in-line topology and group/semigroup  text. I 
would like to see this in TeXShop. This idea could be improved upon, I 
think, not by coloring the text itself, but the background of the 
text—say by a very light color—so that the existing color syntaxing can 
still be applied. And while I'm at it, I'd like to be able to color 
brackets separately from everything else, like iTeXMac allows.

I tried running the script in BBEdit, supplied by the plug-in, that 
activates teTex to generate a PDF, directing output to Acrobat. It 
worked once, and subsequent attempts generated an obscure error 
message. That one compile seemed to take roughly twice as long as 
TeXShop on the same document, roughly equivalent to the speed of 

Is there anyway to emulate the Tags feature of TeXShop in BBEDit? I 
move around frequently in the text, and I've found this to be 

Richard Séguin

On Sunday, September 8, 2002, at 10:10  AM, Jeff Collins wrote:

> On Sat, 7 Sep 2002 21:12:10 -0700, Richard Séguin wrote:
>> but TeXShop 1.2 is so slow
>> that it is practically unusable. It's acting
>> as if it loops through the entire text for
>> each character that I type.
> Richard,  this post doesn't answer your question/problem directly, but 
> I
> might propose an alternative solution: use a different text editor.  I
> think TeXShop is terrific for writing all the preamble material and
> processing the document to PDF.  But in terms of support for text
> handling (writing/editing/searching/managing/collaborating) for a paper
> it just doesn't compare to a dedicated text editor (e.g. BBEdit).
> What I do is use TeXShop for the preamble material with the paper 
> title,
> etc.  Then I use BBEdit to write the other chunks of the paper (e.g.
> abstract, intro, section1, section2, findings, etc.).  Then it's just a
> matter of using /input{} to hook all the sections together.  This
> benefits me by letting me use TeXShop's straight-forward 
> post-processing
> capabilities *and* BBEdit's great text handling capabilities.  (It also
> has the benefit of allowing the separate document sections be used as
> part of other papers/projects, but I won't get into that workflow 
> issue.)
> So, my main TeXShop document might end up looking like this:
> \documentclass[10pt]{article}
> \usepackage{fancyhdr,graphicx}
> \pagestyle{fancy}
> \author{Jeff Collins\\Carnegie Mellon University}
> \title{Capturing the Writer's Feel for Words}
> \date{\today}
> \begin{document}
> \bibliographystyle{plain}
> \maketitle
> \begin{abstract}
> \input{abstract}
> \end{abstract}
> \section{Introduction}
> \input{intro}
> \subsection{Review of Relevant Literature}
> \input{litreviewgenre}
> \section{Discussion of Methods}
> \input{methods1}
> ...
> \bibliography{masterlist5}
> \end{document}
> While everything else for the paper is edited in BBEdit and saved in
> separate files.  Basically I do all the hard work of the paper in 
> BBEdit
> while TeXShop sits patiently out of the way in the background, always
> ready to make my writing look beautiful.
> cheers,
> Jeff
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