[OS X TeX] File encoding

Luis Sequeira lsequeir at fc.ul.pt
Mon Sep 30 09:12:05 EDT 2002

>   I`m new on this list, I would like to receive some useful information from
>   I'm writing an article using iTexMac an pdfLatex. I`m using MacOS 10.1.5.
>   iTexMac shows me that file was enconded as ISO Latin 1. This is the encode
>that I really want, so that I can compile the file in an  Unix enviroment
>using GNU Emacs (I`m doing this fine).
>   The problem is that my machine is not ok and must be repared. I have other
>Performa running MacOS 9.1 too and want to open my file there, but I'm
>having some troubles: the file isn`t showed correct in the display. I tried
>GNU Emacs for Mac and BBEdit Lite and none of them opened my file correct
>(the accents doesn`t appears, intead some thing like [] or other chars
>   What Should I do to open the file correct there?
>   Thank you very much.
>PS: sorry about my english mistakes!!

You might want to try a conversion program like Cyclone. It can 
convert from several different encodings and runs on Mac OS 9.x (and 
also on X, under Classic). I often run into similar problems, and 
Cyclone works fine. There are also other programs like this.

Luís Sequeira

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